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Step by Step Software Handling Procedure for admitted students data(UG) on or before Cut-off-Date

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23/03/17 : अधिसुचना क्र. १४/२०१७ पदवी अभ्‍यासक्रमाकरीता अपेक्षित आकृतीबंध नव्‍याने तयार करुन विद्यापीठास सादर करणेबाबत..
23/03/17 : अधिसुचना क्र. १४/२०१७ पदव्‍युत्‍तर अभ्‍यासक्रमाकरीता अपेक्षित आकृतीबंध नव्‍याने तयार करुन विद्यापीठास सादर करणेबाबत..
22/03/17 : Notification No.: 08/2017 – “ Loss of Degree Certificates ”
22/03/17 : Notification No.: 13/2017 – " Rules for Grant of Permission to use University Name and Logo."
20/03/17 : Publishing of Practical Mark Sheet format of MPT 2016 Course. (PG Allied).
20/03/17 : Quotation for Purchase of “Exide Battery” – Quotation No.:MUHS/PUR/55/2016-17.
20/03/17 : Quotation for Purchase of “Tube Tyres” – Quotation No.:MUHS/PUR/56/2016-17
20/03/17 : Quotation for “Filtration of Transformer Oil” – Quotation No.:MUHS/PUR/57/2016-17
20/03/17 : विद्यापीठास आवश्‍यक असलेल्‍या वस्‍तू / सेवा इ. खरेदी / उपलब्‍ध्‍ा करणेकरीता संबंधित पुरवठादारांची यादी अद्यावती करणेबबात.
20/03/17 : Notification No.:10/2017 – Consideration of Recognised Post-Graduate Teacher for admissibility of Post-Graduate Intake.
18/03/17 : Academic Notification No.: 11/2017 Extension of Date for submission of form for Internship transfer from one affiliated college to other affiliated college.
18/03/17 : Notification No.: 12/2017 (Amended) : Additional (MINI) Convocation 2017 Important Information and Instructions for Student.
18/03/17 : Circular No.: 06/2017 - Online Submission of Title and Synopsis of Dissertation from the batch admitted in Academic Year 2016-17 in Allied Health Sciences Post Graduate Courses.
17/03/17 : Circular No.:24/2017 - Revised Theory Time-Table of Second BHMS (OLD)/NEW/2015) Courses of summer – 2017 University Examination.
17/03/17 : Advertisement No.: 07/2017 - Advertisement for the post of Professor cum Principal/Professor/Asso. Professor (Reader)/Asst. Professor (Lecture)/Tutor (Clinical Instructor) for Bombay Hospital Trust, Bombay Hospital College of Nursing, 12, New Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400 020.
17/03/17 : Notification for Declaration of Ph.D Result : Subhas Sing (Homoeopathy Faculty)
17/03/17 : Workshop on “UNITED TO END TB : LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND”
16/03/17 : Quotation for AMC of Kent Water Purifier. Quotation N0.: MUHS/PUR/54/2016-17.
16/03/17 : Notice of Ph.D. – List of Ph.D. Candidates for Open Viva Voce and Defense of the Ph.D. Thesis on dated 20th March 2017.
15/03/17 : Circular No.:22 /2017 – Regarding Marksheet of ADHM.
15/03/17 : Advertisement No.: 06/2017 - Advertisement for the post of Dean/Principal, Professor, Reader, Lecturer and Tutor/Demonst. For K.J. Somaiya Medical College and Research Center, Somaiya Ayuvihar, Eastern Express Highway, Sion, Mumbai – 400 022.
15/03/17 : “Regarding Amended Time Table of e-Lecture through e-Leering Center”
14/03/17 : Circular No.: 20/2017 for Ayurved and Unani Faculty – Report on Attendance of Candidate at the Practical / Oral Examination.
14/03/17 : परिपञक क्र.: २१/२०१७ बि.एच.एम.एस. "जुना", "नविन" व "बि.एच.एम.एस. - २०१५" या अभ्‍यासक्रमाच्‍या विद्यार्थ्‍यांना एकच अभ्‍यासक्रम लागु करणे.
14/03/17 : महाराष्‍ट्र आरोग्‍य विज्ञान विद्यापीठात यशवंतराव चव्‍हाण जयंती साजरी.
14/03/17 : महाराष्‍ट्र आरोग्‍य विज्ञान विद्यापीठात आंतरराष्‍ट्रीय महिला दिन साजरा.
14/03/17 : महिला दिनानिमित्‍त पारितोषिक वितरण समारंभ - मुल्‍यांना कटिबध्‍द राहण्‍याची गरज.

His Excellency, Governor of Maharashtra
Hon’ble Shri Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao
Minister of Medical Education,
Hon’ble Shri. Girish Mahajan
Prof. Dr. Deelip Mhaisekar
PRO Vice-Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Mohan Khamgaonkar
Offg. Registrar
Dr. Kalidas D. Chavan


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